Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Schooled By My Bod!

Well, I guess if I needed proof that cutting calories too low is bad idea, I got it this week. Now, I want to be clear on this: THIS WAS NOT INTENTIONAL FREAKISH CALORIE CUTTING. I say this because some people know that I have done this in the past, and I don't want anyone to think I am going crazy again like that. And because it backfired on me last time (lost 0 pounds then), I had a sneaking suspicion that the weight loss would not be great this week. I've had a weird stomach bug going on and have had no appetite at all. It was a struggle to get in the 600 or so calories a day I did eat that past few days. Today my frenemy (lol) the scale told me quite clearly that my body does not enjoy being starved. I'm only down 3.2 pounds this week. But that does make 40.8 overall!

Oddly enough, while I am sad I did not lose more, I am also a little bit happy that my body behaved that  way. If I had lost a massive amount of weight, I think Gertrude's voice might have gotten stronger in telling me that extreme calorie restriction equals more weight loss. So I'm glad that didn't happen because it is a struggle for me sometimes to get that through my head. It is somewhat gratifying to see it in numbers on the scale that that crazy way of thinking really doesn't work. Okay, now hopefully this week my body will be so grateful it is being fed that I will have an awesome number this next week!

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