Friday, August 3, 2012

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

Sorry for the seemingly random title. I couldn't think of a catchy one having to do with cheating.  But I did eat some pumpkin this week, so maybe it fits after all. No, not cheating like Kristen Stewart did to Robert Pattinson, although that may make for a juicier blog entry. I'm talking about cheating with food. I personally do not like that term. I try not to use it, but it slips out sometimes anyway. The word cheating implies that I made a mistake eating something I wasn't supposed to. I prefer the term "high calorie day" because that implies that I am in control. I think actual cheating would be if I drove by a McDonald's and randomly crammed a couple cheeseburgers in my mouth surreptitiously. In that situation, I would be giving into a craving without thinking it through and planning for it. It would also be gross because I hate McDonald's, but that is another topic altogether. On the other hand, a high calorie day is planned for, and I still feel in control of my eating. High calorie days are important because in order to succeed at losing weight, you can't feel deprived. And by high calorie, I don't mean go crazy and eat 5000 calories. After all, even though I am working out, I'm not Michael Phelps (Have you seen the amount he eats? Wow.). I usually aim for 1800 calories on my high calorie day, when normally I eat 1200.

For example, I have been craving a chicken quesadilla from Flaming Amy's (Wilmington people know what that is! Hot, fast, cheap, and easy...greatest motto ever) for days. So I planned that yesterday I would get a chicken quesadilla from there. I just couldn't drink a regular soda though after knowing how many calories are in them. It's just a waste. I did let myself drink Diet Coke, which was a treat since I have pretty much cut out soft drinks, diet or not. The quesadilla was delicious as always. But I could only eat about a third. Apparently, my stomach size has dramatically shrunken. Kind of like gastric bypass without the surgery! So my calorie count only ended up at about 1300. I wasn't going to shove more food in my mouth just to get to 1800 calories. I satisfied my craving and felt like I had had a little treat. That is the point of the high calorie day, not just eating a certain number of calories.

On a side note, I'm back to eating my normal number of calories this week. Hopefully, that will translate to a better number on the scale. I'm also a dork and excited because I am going to get some protein powder to make shakes with. It seems hard core lol.

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