Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When life hands you lemons, suck out all the vitamin C and scream, "Eat that, life!"

Hey, it’s all about how you look at life’s difficulties. Another fave lemon phrase (actually my only other lemon phrase besides the original) is:

When life hands you lemons, say. “I like lemons. What else ya got?”

It’s been a tough week. I met my goal…another 5.2 lbs down! But it has been one thing after another lately for my family. We had to put our cat Steve down last week after we found out he had a mass, and he was in pain. Then my dad got sick and needs gallbladder surgery next week. Finally, my nana fell and fractured her back. She is in the hospital and we traveled 5 hours to see her today. We will be staying a few days. I love her so much, and would never put my weight loss goals over me being there for her when she needs me, but at the same time I admit I am nervous about changing up my routine. I’m great at establishing habits and routines, but I easily break them. I can’t allow that to happen now. I am also a major emotional eater, and I recognize that this is a high risk time for me to fall back into old habits. But I think that is the key to a positive outcome…that I do recognize potential problems before they happen. I don’t just react to existing problems anymore.

So yes, my routine will be different while visiting my grandmother. I’m looking at it as an opportunity to show myself how much I have changed for the better though. I’m not just going to have a free-for-all with all the crappy hospital food. I’ll do the best I can food-wise and just make sure I am being honest with myself about making the best choices I can. I have no gym (ahhhh!), but I’m making myself get up early with the sunrise and jog. Well, more like walk/jog…wog? Whatever it is, I’m doing it. Plus, I got excited to unload a carful of heavy items today because that burns calories too. Whatever this week brings me, I will face head-on and accept, whether the results are positive or negative. Remember, in the middle of difficulty lies “ficul.” Well, actually in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity (and ficul too I guess).


  1. Hey Kristen! It's Randi's friend, Sara. I came across your blog! Love it!! Way to go on getting healthy! I need to do something myself. I LOL'd when you said Wog and ficul!!! OMG! Hilarious!!

  2. Thanks Sara! Glad you like my blog. I wasn't sure how many people would actually read it when I started, but I've excited to see that people seem to like it. Hope you keep reading!