Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ode to Carbohydrates

So one of the hardest things for me has been cutting back on my carbs, especially at night. The carbs I crave are not the good virtuous carbs. I'm talking about the bad carbs, bursting with white flour, trans fat, and premature aging. Carbs and I have a long complicated relationship, which I will now express to you in a deeply heart-felt poem. Or a poem I hope is a wee bit funny. Yeah, the second one definitely.

Ah, my carbohydrate friends
How I love you without end
Bread, pie, cobbler, cake
So many things that I want to bake!
The evils of white flour
Against you I have no power
I wish I could hate you foods with trans fat
But the truth is that I would eat you by the vat
Tacos, pizza, burgers, fries
Oh, the fat kid in me cries!
Hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver
My carb friends are such givers
Oh my carb friends, how I love thee
But the culinary delights you give are not free
I know I cannot have you in my belly
Or it will shake like a bowlful of jelly

Oh yeah, my poetry and I are definitely going places lol.

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