Monday, July 9, 2012

Losing Weight, KK Style

Hey, whoever is reading this. Is anyone reading this? Of course they are. I'm about to burst out on the blog scene! lol Anyway, many of you probably know that I am trying to lose quite a bit of weight and get healthier. I've already lost 27 pounds so far in 3 weeks and I am feeling great! But I have tried to lose weight before and have usually fallen off the wagon, so to speak, after a few weeks. I do not want to fail again, and so I am trying to make myself accountable to other people besides myself. I believe my problem before in this area, and in many others in my life, is that I am too extreme. I have always been all or nothing. I am either completely sedentary and eating crap, or eating only lettuce and canned crab and exercising for 6 hours a day (yeah, true story). Obviously, not a long term solution. This time, I am keeping it reasonable. I know 27 pounds in 3 weeks sounds extreme, but when you have as much weight to shed as I do, it really is quite reasonable. My hope is that this blog is a place where I can post about my successes and failures, as well as funny things that happen along the way. And I would love it if others would share with me their own advice and experience, and also let me know if I seem to be veering off course. I apologize for the lack of high-tech stuff on this blog, but I am slightly technologically retarded. I know this will be a long road ahead, but I am so excited for it!

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