Monday, July 16, 2012

My Heel's A-Painin' Me

I haven't weighed all proud lol. I'm changing my weigh-in day to Wednesday instead of Tuesday because I joined a support group of fellow Biggest Loser hopefuls and Wednesday is when they weigh in. I just cannot say enough about how great an experience my Biggest Loser audition was. The people there were really amazing.

Honestly, I am not sure how this week's weigh-in will be. My routine has been a bit off this week, and that makes me nervous. I have not been able to do any cardio for couple of days now due to a gigantic extremely raw blister on my heel (I will never wear those shoes again!). I tried putting some moleskin over top of the blister, which helped some, but as soon as I started walking it was still pretty miserable. I have done strength training and ab work instead, but I really can tell a difference in how I feel without doing cardio. I have such a surplus of energy when I do my cardio, and without it, not so much. I miss it!

I am still happy for the most part with how I am doing food-wise, but I have been freakishly hungry today! It is really a mystery why because it's not like I was too low on calories. I actually went about 100 over what I normally eat. It wasn't thirst either, or boredom. It wasn't a craving. I was perfectly happy just eating some cottage cheese. I was truly hungry. So I'm really not sure what the correct plan of action is in that situation. I have really been trying to listen to what my body is telling me, so if I am truly hungry, should I eat even if that puts me a bit over my calorie budget? Or should I just tough it out?


  1. I recommend eating a sensible snack when you're really hungry, even if it puts you a little over your calorie goal. It could be that you've burned more calories than you realize (since you've had a busy week and you've done extra strength training.) Of course, I have no scientific evidence to back up this suggestion. It's just what I would do on my diet. :) Good luck, Kristen! Proud of you for taking such control of your health!!!

  2. Yeah I've pretty much come to that conclusion too Jennifer. Thanks for the encouragement!