Friday, July 13, 2012

Looking Back

I've been gathering up old pictures of me at my thinnest in preparation for my Biggest Loser audition tomorrow. Although when I say thinnest, it is really more like "merely overweight, not obese." Because the thinnest I have ever been in my adult life was 170 pounds 5 years ago. I would kill to be that size again, but then all I could think was how fat I still was. Usually when I look at these old pictures, I get depressed. And this time I was a little sad still thinking how far I have to go to even get to that point again, much less my goal weight. The bigger part of me felt hopeful though. I have faith that I can look like those pictures again, and even smaller! I think I can believe that because the way I am losing weight right now is a sustainable and reasonable way. I know that even if I don't make Biggest Loser, I am still going down the right path. But I am still super excited for my audition!

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