Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ya'll ready for this? (Cue "da da da" music here)

So when I was trying to think of a title, I kept thinking of that song from that 90's, the one that I had forgotten was from the movie Space Jam, that starts "Ya'll ready for this?" But then I realized, it's hard to convey music in a written title. Because after the first line, you know it goes "Da da da" but it just looks stupid written out. So for your convenience, I have provided a link to the song on Youtube here if you singing the song in your head isn't enough.

Anyway, moving on. It may come as no surprise to you all that I like a lot of pages on Facebook that have to do with fitness, health, losing weight, and all that other good stuff that I have been slightly (haha) involved with over this past year. So I got to thinking, I should make a page myself. But then I also was worried that that would make me seem full of myself or something. If there is one thing I really can't stand, it's arrogance. Or as we in the South like to say, gettin' too big for your britches or above your raisin's (raisin's as in raisings, not like the dried grape raisin).  It is like my number one personality turn-off. I think sometimes that fear of being seen as arrogant can lead me too far in the other direction though. After all, I don't think the other people that created the pages I like on Facebook are arrogant. They're just trying to share something they are passionate about. So like so many other times, I told that irritating, doubting voice in the back of my head to shut the hell up. 

So without further adieu (I don't really know what adieu actually is), I am debuting my new Facebook page today. The name of it will no doubt come as a huge shock...The Space in Between All or Nothing. Hey, I figured why mess with a good thing? You can check it out here. Or if you're my Facebook friend, you have probably gotten an invite that hopefully you didn't just ignore like I do sometimes (hey, guilty as charged). The tone of the page will be pretty much like this blog (or what I hope the tone of this blog is). A little inspiration, some humor thrown in (duh), a cool quote here in there, a recipe that I may or may not have succeeded at actually making, exercise ideas. You know the drill. And I want you all to post on the page about all of that too! I just want to make a page where everyone, not just people interested in weight loss (although certainly that is probably a key demographic), can come and get some support and ideas from others about living a healthy and active life. If there's one thing I have learned over this past year (well, I hope I've learned more than one thing actually), it's that having support from other people is really vital to success. It doesn't matter if some of those people are virtual friends you have never met in real life. It just matters that they're there through all the inevitable ups and downs. So that is why I have created this beautiful Facebook utopia for people that want to live a healthy and active life. Haha, now that  sounds like I'm full of myself. Really, I just wanted to use the word utopia in a sentence. Seriously though, I hope you like my page and it would be really awesome and appreciated if you would also share my page on your Facebook page.

I've had more and more big dreams lately. Things I never believed I could accomplish before, but now I think "Why not me?" Some people have said I should make my weight loss journey into a book. Before, I kind of thought, "Who would actually read that?" but now I am starting to think maybe I should write a book. Others have said I should try to go on a talk show with my story. And again, that voice in the back of my head used to say, "Who would want to see that? Who would be inspired by me?" But you know what? I have a story to tell. Is it a perfect story? Not by any means. But I think that is what people relate to: the fact that things may not always go perfectly, but I get up and try again. I'm realistic here. I am quite aware that these things may never actually happen. The difference now is that I believe that they are possible though. There is a quote I found and wrote down years ago that I think is quite appropriate here:
Now that's a good quote.

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