Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If I never see another hard boiled egg again, it will be too soon

This week has been very strange. My mission was to confuse my body enough to break it out the plateau it was stuck in. I believe my body is now so confused that it may never be the same again. I think the only way to explain it well would be to divide the week into three sections.

First, we have section 1, which I will refer to as "The Part of the Week Where Kristen Does What She is Supposed to By Eating Low Carb and Working Out Manically." Wow, that's kind of a long title, so maybe we'll stick with "Section 1" instead. It was basically a continuation of my blog entry from last week. It was not fun. I don't think I can eat hard boiled eggs or almonds for a while now as a result. While I don't think I would have actually killed anyone to get some bread, I may have maimed them.This was sadly (or maybe not so sadly) the shortest section, as it only lasted Wednesday through Thursday afternoon.

Next we come to Section 2, also known as "The Part of the Week Where Kristen Gets Sick as a Dog and Does Not Eat Much at All." I started having some stomach spasm/cramp type pains on Thursday, and chalked it up to my body just not liking that much protein all at once. After all, my stomach is really sensitive to what I eat nowadays. But I kept feeling worse and worse, and spent most of Thursday afternoon in my lovely bathroom (sorry if TMI). Then that night, and the next night, AND the next night, I spiked fevers ranging from 102-103. And of course, because I am a freak, in the midst of this I am worried about what I should be eating. Because weirdly enough, I was kind of hungry part of the time. At first I really tried to stick to my low carb, low sugar, low sodium thing, even though my body was practically begging me to eat bland, easily digestible carbs. After a meal of all protein that my body completely rejected, I didn't really feel like eating anything. I'm actually a bit concerned that this could actually have been gallbladder problems and not a stomach virus since I also have been having stomach problems after eating fatty foods. It would not be at all unexpected after losing this much weight in a relatively short period of time. Hopefully this is not the case! This illness lasted through Sunday. That many days of being off my regular diet and not being able to go to the gym put me in a funk, and thus set me up for the final, disastrous section of the week. 

Ah, section 3, the one that destroyed me. I shall call it "The Part of the Week Where Kristen Goes Temporarily Crazy." After being so sick, of course I had lost weight. This was good (the method was NOT good) since my Dietbet ended on Monday. Dietbet is this thing I have been doing for the past month where you bet money ($25 in this case) that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days. Then all the people that are successful split the pot. As of last Wednesday, I was about a pound short of my goal. On Monday, I weighed in at 2 pounds lower than I needed to be to win. After weighing in, I decided I could have some carbs. I went a little too far with the carbs. Granted, they were all good carbs, just too many of them. I also went back to the gym Monday. I couldn't believe how hard it was to do my regular workout. It was like every mile was ten miles! My little carb party continued into Tuesday, where I was extremely stupid and decided to have a cheat meal the night before my regular weigh-in. What a genius move! So of course the scale was not kind to me this morning. Instead of being 3 pounds down from last week like I weighed on Monday, I was only 1 lb down from last week. Lesson learned. It's disappointing, but it's not a tragedy. After all, I did still lose weight. And like I said before, I think my body is most definitely confused. I think this could add up to a good number next week.

While I will NOT (repeat, NOT) be going low carb permanently because I think it is quite evident what that does to me mentally, I will be taking away a few new things from low carb week. They are:

1) Carb cycling. The guy from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, Chris Powell, advocates carb cycling. So I would be eating high carb one day, low carb the next. This keeps your body confused. This is also something I could actually live with without becoming a crazy person.

2) Becoming more aware of sodium in foods. I was shocked at how much sodium was in foods that you would not even think about as being salty. It is crazy! I mean, why is there any sodium at all in my spinach leaves? Probably because they came in a bag.

3) Drinking 100 oz of water a day and monitoring my water intake on my phone app. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. I mean, I down like 48 oz of water just while at the gym.

Awww, I kind of feel like this is a corny '90's sitcom (such as Full House) where there is always a lesson at the end.

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