Saturday, September 1, 2012

Diet soda, breakfast, and a scale obsession: Not your average Mount Everest

People always seem to call their big obstacles "their Mount Everest," but since I never intend to climb Mount Everest, I feel like I need another name. Well, actually I would like to call my big obstacles "my Lake Titicaca," not because I ever intend to swim in that lake, but because it sounds dirty, is fun to say, and it is also the only lake I ever know when playing along on Jeopardy. Since I hit my first goal this past week, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on things I could do better. No, this is not Gertrude talking. I'm not saying I need to do everything perfectly, just that there are some things I feel like I could do better on and would make my weight loss even greater. This is especially important in phase 2 of my mission (haha, sounds official. I just mean I am breaking up my weight loss into 3 month increments, and this is the second one.) since people generally do not lose as fast then as the first 3 months. Man, it would awesome to lose 12 lbs in a week like at the beginning every week! Oh well, one can dream. Also, just FYI, my phase 2 goal is 36 lbs (3.0 lbs per week). Phase 2 does not start until Sept 19 though, since that is 3 months from my start date.

Whew, got a bit off track. Anyway, here are some areas that need improvement:

Breakfast: Yes, be shocked. Kristen Kinney does not partake of the most important meal of the day everyday! I know how important it is, and I have even seen proof in my weight loss that eating breakfast does speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. I really have no good excuse. I have several breakfast foods I like that are awesome for you. I've even started being hungry in the morning, which was my problem before. I just didn't used to be hungry in the morning. Just some mornings, it doesn't happen for me. I probably manage to eat breakfast 4-5 times a week. That needs to be 7 days a week. It just does. No excuses, no wiggle room.

Strength training: I think this is one many people trying to lose weight fall victim to. It's easy to get into a "cardio, cardio, cardio!" mindset because that burns the most calories. But strength training makes you burn calories faster. I aim to set aside 30 minutes for strength training every day I'm at the gym. Sad to say, that doesn't always happen. Sometimes my legs do not seem to be working properly after my freakish amount of cardio, and it is all I can do to make it to my car, much less decide to torture my legs for 30 minutes longer. Sometimes I see intimidating muscle men in their mesh shirts gazing adoringly in the mirror at their freakishly developed arms, and I decide I just can't deal with that scene right then. Sometimes I am just lazy. But really, I need to adopt the same attitude for strength training as I do for cardio. Cardio is non-negotiable. I just do it without question. Strength training needs to be the same.

Weighing too much: Oh yeah, you all know about this one already. I'm happy to say, I've already made progress on this. It is now Saturday night and I haven't weighed since my official weigh-in last Wednesday, despite much pleading and crying on my scale's part from its new home under my bathroom sink.

Diet soda: Ah yes, my old friend diet soda. We've been a couple for a long time, but it is time for us to break up. I've just seen too much legitimate research about the dangers of aspartame, particularly it's association with metabolic syndrome. It may have no calories, but that doesn't mean it's a health angel! I've already reduced how much I drink, but honestly I feel like I need to just cut it out altogether except for maybe once in a blue moon (hey, we had one of those yesterday! I should have had a diet Pepsi then!). I really don't miss it if I'm not around it.

I'll let you know if I've made improvements soon! If I haven't, feel free to scold me ;)

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