Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seriously, who doesn't throw things in the dryer instead of iron?

This week I finally tackled a project that I have been putting off for the majority of a year. That's because it involved a massive amount of ironing. And I am one to avoid ironing at all costs. Like I will just throw something in the dryer for a few minutes if it's wrinkled, and call it a day instead of ironing.

The project consisted of me trying to sell 6 humongous bags of clothes that are now too big to Clothes Mentor and consign whatever was left over from that. When I had lost about 50 or 60 lbs, I gave away a good amount of clothes I had outgrown to Goodwill because I didn't know about Clothes Mentor. This makes me sad primarily because it means I no longer own my most gigantic pair of pants to use in the extremely cliched after shot. The clothes from this batch range in size from 10 to 18. So some of them have been sitting in a bag for a very long time and were understandably extremely wrinkled. I was probably wasting my time, but I thought the clothes would have a better chance of being bought by Clothes Mentor if they were relatively unwrinkled.

Luckily, I decided it would be wise to go through my closet again and see if there was anything else I could get rid of, since the last time I did that was in May and I've lost quite a few inches since then. I'm glad I did because a ton of stuff in there was way too big. My closet looks very sad and empty now. So I packed everything up in the oh-so-elegant black Hefty bags, lugged them down the stairs into my car, and drove them to my parents' house since they have an awesome iron, and more importantly a TV located near aforesaid iron. I lugged the bags up their stairs (seriously, I feel like I got a workout just lugging those bags around) and began trying to sort through what needed to be ironed and what didn't, and also put the clothes in some kind of order. Midway through, I decided to try on some of the clothes just to see how they looked. I had my mom takes pictures, because obviously the clothes looked fantastic on me...not. Keep in mind, these aren't even clothes from when I was my heaviest.

The proverbial "big-ass pants" shot

The bags I lugged up more stairs than I care to remember

Side "big-ass pants" shot

So. Many. Clothes.

Folded all neatly because that's how I roll

This dress was tight when I wore it to a wedding 3 years ago.

I ironed, and ironed, and ironed some more. And only managed to burn myself one time, which is actually good for me mainly because I always seem to manage to burn myself multiple times when around hot objects. I packaged up the clothes again, and dragged them out to my car. The next day I took them to Clothes Mentor and received a whopping....$20.80 for all my trouble. Seriously. They took a huge basket of clothes and I didn't even get $25 for it. From the leftovers, I took out what I thought might interest a consignment place and drove the rest to donate to a resale shop that gives all their proceeds to the domestic violence shelter. At the point, I was just sick of lugging those clothes everywhere and wanted to be rid of them.

So I didn't get enough money to purchase a new wardrobe (or really even buy a pair of jeans with). I had a fun time at Target anyway trying on size mediums and 8's and not being emotionally traumatized by their insane amount of mirrors in the fitting rooms, as I have in the past (see Shrinks in the dressing room: Something Target should have added along with all the mirrors). I also got to clear out a huge space in my closet, and more importantly, reap the psychological benefits of being rid of those clothes forever. It felt like a clean slate to me. I don't have all those physical reminders of who I used to be just chilling in my closet anymore. Plus, it wouldn't be quite as simple a matter for me to put on weight because I no longer have an range of ascending sizes just waiting for me to wear. I would actually have to buy new clothes if I gained weight. So I call it well worth it to have gone through all that trouble!

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