Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dem bones

Okay, this is pretty random, but I know most people who have lost a lot of weight will totally get the importance of this post. Collarbones...they're like a status symbol or a weird milestone of losing weight. I have come to the conclusion that the appearance of collarbones must be at least somewhat genetic in nature. I formed this highly scientific hypothesis from observations of many people who have lost weight and also from reality weight loss shows, so you know this is definitely a totally legit opinion. But seriously, people seem to have their collarbones finally come out of hiding at an extremely wide range of weights. Last week on Extreme Weight Loss, this girl started to see her collarbones when she was like 280 lbs! And yet mine stubbornly refused to come out of hibernation even being just a tad over 160 lbs. I have been able to feel them for a while, say since around 220 lbs. And yet in picture after picture, those bones were MIA. There's just something about having visible collarbones that makes you feel thinner. Yes, I know it's vain and stupid, but everyone is allowed their little quirks.

But I had my monthly progress pictures taken the other day and I was comparing them to the past couple of months. Month to month differences are way more subtle than they were in the beginning, but I still am able to see some. Then to my utter astonishment, I saw the sudden appearance of collarbones! They showed a little last month, and then this month they are way more prominent. Here are the last 3 months:

I do not know what has caused the sudden miracle of collarbones. I mean, I have broken through my plateau in the past couple months, but I haven't lost some crazy amount of weight or anything (other than when I was sick, and that I promptly gained back as soon as I could eat and drink again). Maybe it's the increase in strength training? I just know it's nice to be able to see a visible change again. And it's nice to have collarbones without having to get in some weird contortionist position to make them pop out. They're just there, chillin'.

So yeah, really random post, but just thought I would share.

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