Friday, April 25, 2014

What kind of weirdo compares their foot to a high-maintenance diva Starbucks drinker?

Oh Reese's eggs, why must you be so delicious?!? In general, I can pass up candy. It's just not one of my things. But something about chocolate and peanut butter together gets me a little cray-cray (yes, I just said cray-cray). While I didn't go insane wolfing down food on Easter, I did eat more than I would have liked. And then I promptly paid for it scale-wise and stomach-wise. Although part of the stomach problems ended up being a stomach virus, which I was actually glad to realize because I am kind of paranoid about having gallbladder issues after losing all this weight.

So after I recovered from my stomach issues, I decided to take my new running shoes out for a spin. Yay for new shoes! I've said before on here that I have high-maintenance feet. Well, really just the one foot that has a big toe that doesn't bend, a shaved-down arch, weak tendons, a keloid from being run over by a treadmill as a child, and burn scars from scalding spaghetti sauce. That's the problem child foot. If that foot were a person, it would be the sorority girl at Starbucks asking for her soy, no whip, double foam, double something else, blah blah blah frappachino (I don't really know coffee terms because I don't drink it). So yeah, it's hard for me to find shoes that don't make me want to cut off my feet after an hour or so. Consequently, when I find a good pair, I keep them forever. They get to looking pretty rough. When my last pair of running shoes got a hole in the inside from wear, I duct taped the inside for a while instead of buying a new pair. That is how much of an ordeal finding new shoes is for me.

 The random cat leg you see in the picture is from my cat, Gary. He was demanding food like he does every single time I come home. Alas, while I have conquered my food addiction, my 2 cats have not.

But the time finally came when the need for new running shoes could not be denied anymore, even by me. Since I'm running so much now, I decided to research the type of shoe I needed. I found out that I am sort of a freak in the running world, as I underpronate my feet, instead of overpronate like the vast majority of runners do. At least I'm special! When I got to the shoe store, I had a long conversation with the salesman there, who was quite helpful after I convinced him that I was not stupid and actually did underpronate. I took a lot of time choosing exactly the right shoe. After all, I spend a crazy amount of time in these shoes. I also got in a mini-workout because every pair I tried on, I ran up and down the aisles a few times to see how they did. This may have looked slightly odd.

I ended up with a pair of New Balance 1550's. I have never worn New Balance before, but these felt the best to me, even over the Asics like I have worn before. It made me a little nervous to try a brand I've never worn before. It always takes me a little bit to break in new shoes to my freakishly formed foot, and then I usually freak out when they don't feel perfect right away. This happened on my first run with these shoes. I was like, "Oh no! I picked the wrong ones!" But a few days later, they're doing fine. We just needed to get to know each other some to feel comfortable, much like dating. I would say my shoes and I are about on our 3rd date by now. It's not as awkward anymore as that first and second date. Okay, enough with the dating metaphor.

I doubt anyone but me knows this unless you're some kind of creeper who counts my blog posts (I think only I get an actual count of the posts) , but the next post will be number 100! What should I write about? Cheese? Shin splints? Lunges? Wow, those are all momentous topics, but I might need something slightly better. After all, you don't write your 100th blog post just every day!

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