Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recovering scale junkie masters the art of moderation? You heard it here first!

Today marked the end of my 2 week scale vacation. I had big plans during my scale vacation to work extra hard in order to prove to myself I could lose a lot of weight even without weighing in every day. That did not happen. I started off the 2 weeks by catching a cold and having the asthma problems that go hand in hand with a cold for me. I couldn't work out for 5 days. Things have been busy. I haven't been able to focus like I wanted. Like everyone else, life gets in the way for me sometimes. But for the most part, I kept up with healthy eating. I got in at least my morning run every day after I got well, and most days also made it to the gym. And you know what? I think I may be even prouder of that than if I had had laser focus on weight loss. Because, as you know, I am always struggling against my all or nothing side. I think these past couple weeks have shown that I have gotten a firm grip on the art of moderation. I got sick and couldn't work out, but I went right back to it after I got well. I didn't have time for 2 hour long workouts some days, but I still got in an hour. I didn't eat a completely perfect diet, but I ate a pretty good one. I call it a win!

So I stepped on the scale this morning and to be quite frank, had a momentary crazy spell. I decided my pants felt tighter. There was no way I hadn't gained weight. Probably 10 lbs if I was lucky! Hey, I warned you it was crazy time for Kristen. Then I gave myself a stern talking-to (which may have looked a bit odd). I told myself that I was going to step on that scale, and I was going to own the number, good or bad. I knew how to deal with it either way. So I stepped on it and saw...a 1.8 lb loss. Is that the greatest number ever? No, it's not, but I am still proud of it. Mainly because it shows that I don't need to be constantly stepping on the scale and second guessing myself based solely on a number. I trusted myself and it paid off. From now on, it's weigh-in time only once a week. And when I say once, I mean once. No stepping on the scale 3 times on Wednesday morning to see if the number changes. Not that I've done that or anything.


  1. It's nice to put that scale back to where it belongs (just a tool that doesn't do anything but show a number), isn't it? Nice job on the weeks, and sorry you were sick!

  2. Woo hoo! I always say a loss is a loss... and I am usually very happy with maintaining!